When we were first approached about designing this 60th birthday party, we were given references of cherry blossom trees and navy fabrics. Somehow, through endless rounds of edits and some ideas I was dying to try, we ended up with one of my favorite installations of all time. It was one of those parties where the reveal of the space took about four times longer than we expected it too, because it really took everyone’s breath away. Our client Victoria knew how throw a party! She loves all things design-y, romantic, whimsical, and could gush at every beautiful detail at the exact same pace we were. This one was definitely an ethereal fantasy I will never get tired of revisiting….

Celebrate Beautifully,

x, m

 | Event Design, Clouds, Florals + Stationary: Melissa Andre Events | Cake: Cake Opera | Photography: Art Haus Photo | 


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  1. I am looking to eventually freelance as an event planner once I finish my degree in hospitality. How do you choose the right vendors for the events you plan? Do you test them out prior to utilizing their services to ensure quality?

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