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This holiday season I’ve partnered up with Stella Artois to share with you some of my favorite holiday hosting tips and tricks.

I know the holiday season can seem like a whirlwind, and to help keep the stress at bay I’ve listed four hosting tips below. With all the hustle and bustle at this time of the year, I want to encourage you to enjoy time with great company and create memorable moments this holiday season.

Tip 1 -Metallic Accents:

Nothing is more eye-catching than holiday décor that glows and illuminates a room all on its own. Dazzle your guests by incorporating dazzling gold and metallic accents into your holiday color palette. From bronzed candle holders and cutlery, to gold-trimmed Stella Artois glassware – a touch of gold, will leave a lasting impression for your guests.

Tip 2 – Store Bought vs. Homemade

Perfecting the art of hosting during the holidays doesn’t mean spending your night in the kitchen. I always incorporate a mix of homemade with personalized store-bought items during my holiday festivities. Try adding fresh berries to a store-bought cake, or creating a holiday inspired topping for baked cheese with rosemary and cranberries  – these will not only help you save on time, but give you more time with your guests.

Tip 3 – Welcome Tray

As a host, you put passion, dedication and care into making your holiday occasion truly memorable for everyone in attendance. The smallest details can leave their mark – like a welcome tray with seasonal-flavoured cocktails, custom glassware and a selection of fresh appetizers – all surrounded by greenery and your favourite ornaments for an added holiday touch.

Tip 4 – Gifting 101

As a guest during the holidays, I am always on the search for unique items that stand out and let the host know I appreciate all they’ve done. I love to provide a gift that can be shared and immediately enjoyed by guests. Think a seasonal sharing bottle from Stella Artois, fresh baked brie or Holiday treats. To make sure your gift stands out, wrap in beautiful tissue paper or place in a box with a heartfelt note, accessorizing with holiday ribbon and greenery.  

What are your holiday hosting tips?  Comment below or on Instagram and let me know what you like to do to create memorable moments.

Celebrate Beautifully,

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