My team worked on this pastel dream bat mitzvah for many months. With all the ideas I had floating around in my head, I knew we had to find a venue to accommodate all the Parisienne design installations I wanted to execute.

We needed space for our whimsical custom covered all white carousel complete with an “L ” flag on the top.  We needed a ceiling heigh to accommodate the 20 foot hot air balloons we had created to float above the tables. The ceiling had to be large enough to be filled with all the clouds we had sprinkled between the balloons. We needed a floor that would allow us to lay out cobblestone motifs and grass and every other type of floor I designed to move through the space. So, we found the largest film studio available and created this wonderland like a true movie set.

In true Parisienne fashion, we had custom walls made with a pastel door to suit every shop front you’d ever need. There was of course a patisserie, perfumerie, parc zoologique de Paris, and champagne boutique, to name a few. We even opened the event with a performance from 3 beautiful ballerinas.

I could go on and on about the details because were endless wonders to awe at (like….a 6 foot tall Eiffel Tower made entirely of French macaron and gum balls!) but I’ll let the photos do the talking below. Enjoy!

Celebrate Beautifully,

x, m

| Event Design + Florals + Balloons: Melissa Andre Events | Photography: Mango Studios | Cake: Cake Opera | Sweets: Nadia & Co | 

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