Pastel Paris Inspired Bat Mitzvah

My team worked on this pastel dream bat mitzvah for many months. With all the ideas I had floating around in my head, I knew we had to find a venue to accommodate all the Parisienne design installations I wanted to execute.

We needed space for our whimsical custom covered all white carousel complete with an “L ” flag on the top.  We needed a ceiling heigh to accommodate the 20 foot hot air balloons we had created to float above the tables. The ceiling had to be large enough to be filled with all the clouds we had sprinkled between the balloons. We needed a floor that would allow us to lay out cobblestone motifs and grass and every other type of floor I designed to move through the space. So, we found the largest film studio available and created this wonderland like a true movie set.

In true Parisienne fashion, we had custom walls made with a pastel door to suit every shop front you’d ever need. There was of course a patisserie, perfumerie, parc zoologique de Paris, and champagne boutique, to name a few. We even opened the event with a performance from 3 beautiful ballerinas.

I could go on and on about the details because were endless wonders to awe at (like….a 6 foot tall Eiffel Tower made entirely of French macaron and gum balls!) but I’ll let the photos do the talking below. Enjoy!

Celebrate Beautifully,

x, m

| Event Design + Florals + Balloons: Melissa Andre Events | Photography: Mango Studios | Cake: Cake Opera | Sweets: Nadia & Co | 


Hanging Garden Lunch, Banyan Tree Mayakoba

During our luxurious stay at Banyan Tree Mayakoba, we enjoyed a beautiful lunch under gorgeous hanging plants brought in by Archive Mexico. This all-white (and rain-proof) venue is called MK Blue and the absolute perfect option when you’re experiencing less than desirable island weather. When I saw their space, MK Blue, I immediately thought about how perfect it would be for a destination wedding reception, or even a rehearsal dinner or cocktail party.

Celebrate Beautifully,

x, m


| Rentals: Archive Mexico | Photography: Ripe Resolution | Venue: MK Blue at Banyan Tree Mayakoba |

Happy Birthday Melissa

I don’t generally plan or design parties for myself, because my idea of the perfect birthday (considering the career I’ve chosen and often-crazy schedule I have) involves a day off my feet!! However, last year felt different. It seemed like a good year to plan one extra event , this one for my nearest and dearest. Truthfully, it had nothing to do with celebrating me and everything to do with the fact that many of my friends including my twin brother haven’t actually attended one of the events I’m hired to design. So, I made my birthday an excuse to bring 24 of my closest together for a night under the clouds. My team at Melissa Andre events has now become very recognized for this style and some of the lovely little details I spend my life fussing over.

Special thanks to:

|Event Design + Florals: Melissa Andre Events | Calligraphy: The Lettering Studio | Photography: Mango Studios | Venue: The Richmond |

| Rentals: Detailz Chair Couture & Contemporary Furniture Rentals | Staffing: Leave it to Us | Catering: Toben Food by Design |

Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Riviera Maya

My team and I were invited to preview and experience the beautiful and luxurious resort of Banyan Tree Mayakoba! We arrived in the Riviera Maya in Mexico mid-afternoon, just in time for a late lunch and a walk through of the property. We will be spending the next few days touring the resort and it’s amenities for an upcoming event. Each guest, family or couple stays in their own private villa with a private pool. Ensuring the experience is luxurious from the second you walk into this dreamy property. Later tonight we will have a private dinner hosted by the resort. Can’t wait to share with you in my next few posts why Banyan Tree Mayakoba is the perfect property for a destination wedding, honeymoon, or romantic getaway!

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Handbag: Chloe


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Romper: Club Monaco

Ear Jackets: kate spade

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Sunglasses: Celine

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Lipstick: Tom Ford

Dîner en Blanc – All White Design

A combination of paper flowers, real flowers, a white marble tabletop, and clean square stacked plates were the essentials to my monochromatic all-white design. The overall look I put together, is clean with a few whimsical touches to add interest. I collaborated with Dîner en Blanc and Metro Ontario on a video to give you tips and tricks to creating your own all white tablescape at home. Here are a few behind the scenes photos! Stay tuned for the video!

Shop similar dresses to my dîner-en-blanc look:683347_in_ppScreen Shot 2016-08-14 at 6.33.47 PM


Black Tie Picnic Chic – this wedding was designed to marry the formal yet modern architecture at the Royal Conservatory of Music and the family-style feel of Thanksgiving weekend. Dozens of oversized peach blossom trees were brought into the gallery-like space and created a beautiful veil of blooms around each picnic table. Custom chair pads were made for the benches and each guest was gifted a miniature take-home version of the personal apple pies served a-la-mode with ice cream for dessert. The rustic letter pressed stationery was highlighted in rose gold foil ink and printed on plantable petal and seed paper. Picnic tables were lined in watercolor table runners and guests enjoyed their individual “turkey dinner” on blush colored milk glass plates. Flower-adorned rose sparkling cocktails were served well into the night. A decadent and luxurious blend of perfectly presented details with familiar personalized touches – making this the perfect party and wedding.

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