Up In The Clouds Birthday Party

When we were first approached about designing this 60th birthday party, we were given references of cherry blossom trees and navy fabrics. Somehow, through endless rounds of edits and some ideas I was dying to try, we ended up with one of my favorite installations of all time. It was one of those parties where the reveal of the space took about four times longer than we expected it too, because it really took everyone’s breath away. Our client Victoria knew how throw a party! She loves all things design-y, romantic, whimsical, and could gush at every beautiful detail at the exact same pace we were. This one was definitely an ethereal fantasy I will never get tired of revisiting….

Celebrate Beautifully,

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 | Event Design, Clouds, Florals + Stationary: Melissa Andre Events | Cake: Cake Opera | Photography: Art Haus Photo | 


Melissa Andre x Stella Artois Holiday

Hi Everyone,

This holiday season I’ve partnered up with Stella Artois to share with you some of my favorite holiday hosting tips and tricks.

I know the holiday season can seem like a whirlwind, and to help keep the stress at bay I’ve listed four hosting tips below. With all the hustle and bustle at this time of the year, I want to encourage you to enjoy time with great company and create memorable moments this holiday season.

Tip 1 -Metallic Accents:

Nothing is more eye-catching than holiday décor that glows and illuminates a room all on its own. Dazzle your guests by incorporating dazzling gold and metallic accents into your holiday color palette. From bronzed candle holders and cutlery, to gold-trimmed Stella Artois glassware – a touch of gold, will leave a lasting impression for your guests.

Tip 2 – Store Bought vs. Homemade

Perfecting the art of hosting during the holidays doesn’t mean spending your night in the kitchen. I always incorporate a mix of homemade with personalized store-bought items during my holiday festivities. Try adding fresh berries to a store-bought cake, or creating a holiday inspired topping for baked cheese with rosemary and cranberries  – these will not only help you save on time, but give you more time with your guests.

Tip 3 – Welcome Tray

As a host, you put passion, dedication and care into making your holiday occasion truly memorable for everyone in attendance. The smallest details can leave their mark – like a welcome tray with seasonal-flavoured cocktails, custom glassware and a selection of fresh appetizers – all surrounded by greenery and your favourite ornaments for an added holiday touch.

Tip 4 – Gifting 101

As a guest during the holidays, I am always on the search for unique items that stand out and let the host know I appreciate all they’ve done. I love to provide a gift that can be shared and immediately enjoyed by guests. Think a seasonal sharing bottle from Stella Artois, fresh baked brie or Holiday treats. To make sure your gift stands out, wrap in beautiful tissue paper or place in a box with a heartfelt note, accessorizing with holiday ribbon and greenery.  

What are your holiday hosting tips?  Comment below or on Instagram and let me know what you like to do to create memorable moments.

Celebrate Beautifully,

x, m 

| Event Design: Melissa Andre Events | Florals: Coriander Girl | Beverages: Stella Artois | 

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The Weeknd XO Loft Party

There really is nothing better in my professional life, than collaborating with a brand I love on a successful design. When The Weeknd approached us about doing another party to celebrate the birthday of his creative director, Lamar, we wanted something that felt edgy but special with birthday touches that didn’t feel too obvious. We achieved it with the mix of hanging neons tubes, some really great graphics and a neon sign that I gifted the birthday boy with, featuring one of The Weeknd’s iconic lyrics “You wanna be high for this”. Hope you love it.

Celebrate Beautifully,

x, m

Santa Monica Pier: Food Styling

I wanted to compliment the playful aesthetic of our Santa Monica Inspired Party with miniature versions of all the treats you’d find at the pier– with a few elevated touches, of course. Food styling is one of my favorite things to work on and these tiny pairings and sweet treats were the perfect way to carry our look and feel through to the very last bite.

Celebrate Beautifully,


| Event Design + Florals + Food Styling: Melissa Andre Events | Stationery: Paper + Poste | Photography: 5ive 15ifteen | Cake: Nadia & Co. | Icecream: Sweet Sammies | 

Santa Monica Themed Event

I love the playful aesthetic of Santa Monica. When I was dreaming up the look and feel for this dinner, I wanted to include all of those lively colors and textures you see at the Pier. It really feels like an endless summer at the Pier – swirly soft serve ice cream cones, funnel cakes, and a ferris wheel with a view of the ocean. It’s really a magical recipe of beautiful things. I had a lot of fun with this one. Hope you love it.

Celebrate Beautifully,
x, m

| Event Design + Florals + Food Styling: Melissa Andre Events | Stationery: Paper + Poste | Photography: 5ive 15ifteen | Cake: Nadia & Co. | Icecream: Sweet Sammies | Vinyl Printing: Dance Floor Decor |

Drake’s Birthday Dinner

When I was asked to plan Drake’s birthday, I had about 4 days to come up with something equal parts intimate, original, and memorable. The guest list was a mix of both family and friends, so I needed a design that would work for the right group. I chose one of Susur Lee’s restaurants and incorporated an Asian inspired menu. Next came my idea for custom Ovo bento boxes and the chopsticks we created especially to celebrate Drake. Guests enjoyed a mix of desserts – boxes of d-oVo- nuts, a tiered cake featuring his signature owl logo, and black Popsicles with gold “6” ‘s on them, representing “The6ix” – a nickname for Toronto popularized by Drake.

Every time we collaborate with Drake on an event, it’s such a pleasure to be able to take his brand and represent it within our work. There really is nothing as flattering as being hired by someone who has quite literally attended hundreds of parties. Happy birthday Drake!!

Celebrate Beautifully,

x, m

 | Event Design: Melissa Andre Events | Venue: Bent | Photography: Mango Studios |  Photography of Drake: Theo |

Black + White Modern Wedding

This bold yet classic black and white color palette manages to look timeless and modern at the same time. I wanted something high contrast that would pop against the grey/blue city skyline. We replaced the traditional floral wedding cakes you often see at weddings for sleek individual mini cakes so it continued to feel more like a black tie dinner party than a traditional wedding. We even served popsicles in candy flavours as an unexpected frozen alternative to some of the more traditional desserts you see at weddings. I hope you enjoy!

Celebrate beautifully.

x, m

| Event Design + Florals: Melissa Andre Events | Venue: Malaparte | Photography: Mango Studios | Mini Cakes: Bobette & Belle | Popsicles: Sweet Jesus | 

Wizard of Oz Themed Party

The Wizard of Oz has always been one of my favorite movies. The film is set almost entirely in a dream sequence which has provided me with countless inspirations throughout my career. I wanted to use pretty literal representations of the movie in this design. The linear yellow touches on the table and the floor underneath it represent the yellow brick road, the cake is quite clearly the emerald city, and it’s flanked by the poppies that make Dorothy sleepy in the film. The bed was designed to look like it was caught in the twister but only the most beautiful pieces of the “mess” were left behind. This was one of my favorite projects to design. I hope you love it.

Celebrate Beautifully,

x, m

| Event Design + Florals: Melissa Andre Events | Stationery: Paper + Poste | Photography: 5ive Fifteen | Cake: Cake Opera |

The Weeknd XO Dinner Party

When The Weeknd’s creative team asks you to design a party for them, you do it…. In 4 days….instead of the 4 months that you actually need to get the job done. They’re great friends of mine, so I made an exception on our short notice policy and this is what we came up with.

Celebrate beautifully.

x, m

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